In the early 2012, at the late age of 26, Błażej Żywiczyński, a.k.a. Games Making Noob, came to the conclusion that being a Brand Manager at a telecommunication company is boring, depressing and about as rewarding as biting through a brick wall. He decided to switch to a more amusing environment - electronic entertainment. It was way easier said than done. Half a year of struggle, searching information and managing his own expectations finally landed him his dream job.

Many months later, he still remembers the scarcity of gamedev-related advice that was available when he wanted to break into the industry. Therefore, though still in the learning process himself, he set off on a mission to help others know more about the mechanics of game development. 

He already has his first game finished - an Action-RPG, Lords of the Fallen. He worked as both Producer and Lead Narrative Designer for CI Games. Currently working as a Producer for 11 bit studios.

Here's a LinkedIN profile in case someone's interested:

Part of making the game development and game design more accessible is Extra Credits Translation Project. Together with his wife, Ela Żywiczyńska, he is bringing these gamedev-related series to the non-english speaking audience in Poland.

To help a broader audience understand the world of games he supports Ela's project zgranarodzina.edu.pl which aims to objectively educate parents about games - how they can help in their children's personal development, not only turn them into mass murderers.

In case someone wants to kick his ass online (or go on a Journey together), here's how to find him:
Steam: reval_thierry
PSN: Rosiowoland
battle.net: Woland#2689

Games Making Noob will also be glad to help in any way he can in projects that aim at game popularization, game and gamedev education, gamification and other similar -ations. If you want to contact him in that case, feel free to write to:

blazej (at) gamesmakingnoob.com

And if you are wondering, why the hell is he writing about himself in third person, wonder no more. This song eventually may or may not explain it at some point:

And if you can't go through the whole 6 minutes, well... Apparently you don't wanna know the answer after all ;)