Happy bday to me! ;)

Hey folks! This is just a short post to brag about two cool presents I got today, as they are quite related to the blog's theme.

First - a T-shirt - came from my boss and looks like this:

This is a double-cool gift! Mostly because it raises the probability of me having something clean to wear, but also because it might mean that he probably won't knowingly kill or rob me until the end of current project. Unless, of course, he's just putting my caution to sleep before firing me, in which case I will just add "I worked in gamedev for over a year and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" on the back. 

No, seriously. The design is just ultra-cool. I love it.

Another gift was from my girl, who after listening to Demon's Souls sounds for almost two months decided she can't stand it anymore. In all fairness, Souls series aren't famous for their soundtrack variety, especially with the redundance of the dying sound. Yup, you guessed right, she bought me headphones :)

Gotta say, the whole headset is really sweet. I am nowhere near a specialist when it comes to sound, so I won't be writing a review here, but I remember playing BioShock and being unable to hear all the words in the audio notes, because my audio setup had pretty much all the sounds on the same channel. With these babies I can hear all the words while shooting splicers, listening to the pouring water and hearing every single sound my Big Daddy armor makes. A while ago I encouraged everyone to get a surround set for their homes to fully enjoy games. Now I can add that surround headsets really work and are a far better choice if you don't wanna piss off your parents / spouse / neighbors.

Yeah - I know this post isn't exactly what the few of my followers (I think I might actually be reaching a 2-digit number of regulars^^) might have wanted to read, so yeah, apologies, and stay tuned - I'm already working on an article on game linearity.

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